Singing Alive

August 13-16, 2021 - Oregon

Singing Alive is an annual, since 2007, gathering devoted to Gaian Folk song circles. Singing Alive was born of a confluence between the song culture of back-to-the-land healing gatherings of the Pacific Northwest, and the song-medicine of teacher-plant traditions world-wide. It has since grown to encompass a wide variety of singing people(s), including community choirs, devotees of contemporary spiritual figures, yoga (kirtan) communities, and the emerging galactic family.

The gathering is not a festival or a conference and is not an entertainer / audience event. There are no staged performances, amplification, paid musicians, nor vendors. It is a DIY-styled, highly participatory gathering, a co-prayformance where we all sing (and eat!) together, and work together to make this happen. Those who don’t think they can sing are encouraged to remember the wise African proverb, ‘If you can walk, then you can dance, if you can talk, then you can sing!’